Bob Dietz, along with fellow veteran Del Cooper are honored on Veteran's Day by students, August Adkins and Faith McDevitt, who made a quilt for Mr. Dietz, and Ambria Afford and Abigall O'Rourk, who presented their quilt to Mr. Cooper. Sharon Donahue served as master quilter on both projects. Special thanks and appreciation is also extended to the Fox Family for making Veteran's Day such an honorable and meaningful day for all of the residents of Foxcrest's Peachtree Inn.

Bob & Marian Deitz

August Adkins, Faith McDevitt, Bob Dietz

Del Cooper receiving Veteran's Day quilt from Abigall O''Rourk and Ambria Afford, with the assistance of Marlene Flemming, of the Chester American Legion.

The future honors the past.